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Activating civil society, striving for togetherness

This movie was produced throughout and about the ALTERNATIVE project in Vienna. The film begins with a brief introduction of the local research tasks. In a next step the local partner-organisations (the community centre ‘Bassena’ and the mediation service ‘wohnpartner’) are presented. The partner-organisations’ strategies of networking and mediating in the urban neighbourhoods of Vienna’s social housing estates are carefully discussed to contextualize our attempt of applying restorative practices to neighbourhood disputes in these intercultural settings.


What the real Schöpfwerker know

In this short movie, a group of adolescents living in the social housing estate ‘Am Schöpfwerk’ introduce their neighbourhood through their perspective. They talk about how they cope with stereotypes their housing estate is assigned with and about how they get along with each other in their estate, which is home to residents of various different cultural backgrounds and generations. Through this video, the youths voice their opinions on what life is like in their neighbourhood, how they relate to it and it speaks of their expectations and their coping-strategies in dealing with daily conflicts. 

On restorative circles: Interview with Gabriele Grunt

Interview with Johannes, Community Center Bassena Schöpfwerk

Johannes talks about strategies, concepts and methods of the Community Center Bassena Schöpfwerk (Vienna). He reflects on the institutional/professional role in conflicts and between inhabitants and local politics/administration. He speaks about the concept of ‘multi-partiality’, reflecting on participatory practice, activation, transparency and empowerment.

At the women’s cafe in Vienna

Get to know the IRKS team

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