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Between conflict and peaceful coexistence

The film is related to the research conducted by the Victimology Society of Serbia in three multiethnic communities in Serbia. The goals of the research, among others, were to find out how people in these communities deal with interethnic conflicts in their everyday life that have arisen as an artifact of the Yugoslav wars of the 1990s, how the security is perceived by the citizens, and what is the place of restorative approaches in dealing with conflicts and security. In the film we follow three characters: Nail from Prijepolje, Gani from Medvedja and Ljiljana from Backa Palanka. Each of their stories gives an insight into how they as members of local communities dealt with the consequences of interethnic conflicts, current state of interethnic relations, what approaches they used to overcome them, how they see the role of restorative justice and what they have learned at the seminars organized by the Victimology Society of Serbia.


Interview with Mirsad Duran

Mirsad Duran is a Bosniak doctor from Prijepolje. His NGO New Vision works on connecting young people of different ethnic groups. Mirsad talks about interethnic relations in Prijepolje before the war and after the kidnapping in Strpce and the time while he was a student and the war broke out. Also he speaks about the event when he was planning to board the train from which people were kidnapped but changed his plans and did not go home that day. He speaks about his NGO work with children of different ethnic communities, Serbs and Bosniaks. He talks about the relations today and how they improved, the ways these relations could be further improved and his vision of the future in this town.

Interview with the mayor of Prijepolje (VDS, Serbia)

Emir is a Bosniak and the mayor of Prijepolje. He supported the initiative to build a monument to the victims of the train kidnapping in Strpci affected the town. He also explains what the municipality does to commemorate the victims every year with the families of the victims. He explains that the representatives of the municipality ask the State every year to find the culprits and the remains of the killed so that they can be buried with dignity. They also ask that the victims get the status of civil victims of war. In the end he explains that finding out the truth can lead to better interethnic relations.

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