Reading Room

flyersThis reading room includes e-books, .pdf documents and PowerPoint presentations resulting from the ALTERNATIVE project.

While the films provide images to illustrate the conflict interventions that took place in the different research sites, these reading materials provide more written information to contextualize the different actions. In particular, manuals can be used as training material by professionals interested in the use of restorative justice approaches for handling conflicts in intercultural settings.


Click on the links below to find three briefs to easily reach the main audience of the project ALTERNATIVE:
– Policy-makers: find here the policy brief!
– RJ practitioners: find here the manual in a nutshell
– Researchers: find here the brief for action researchers


The manual below (in English) brings together the four action research sites.  It is linked to the films, website and blog to present as a package, even though the manual can perfectly stand on its own. It is presented in a e-book format (if you don’t have yet an ebook reader, you may download this free programme).

Biffi, E., & Chapman, T. (2015). Restorative Justice Responses to Conflicts in Intercultural Settings: Practice guidelines. Leuven, Belgium: European Forum for Restorative Justice.

The manual below (in German) gives instructions and suggestions on community circles. This is based on the researchers and practitioners’ four years experiences in the social houses of Vienna.

Pelikan, C., Kremmel, K., & Grunt, G. (2015). Gemeinschaftskreise. Anleitungen und Anregungen für PraktikerInnen. Vienna, Austria: Institut für Rechts- & Kriminalsoziologie.

The manual below (in Serbian) provides best prac­ti­ces for applying re­sto­ra­ti­ve ju­sti­ce ap­pro­ac­hes in in­ter­cul­tu­ral settings. This is based on the researchers’s experiences in the action research conducted in Serbia.

Ćo­pić, S., & Ni­ko­lić-Ri­sta­no­vić, V. (2016). Pri­ruč­nik o naj­bo­ljim prak­sa­ma pri­me­ne re­sto­ra­tiv­nih pri­stu­pa u in­ter­kul­tu­ral­nom kon­tek­stu. Belgrade, Serbia: Vik­ti­mo­lo­ško Dru­štvo Sr­bi­je.


This is a list of the presentations of the plenary speakers and partners in the project who presented during the final conference of ALTERNATIVE (Leuven, 16-18 November 2015):

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