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Developing alternative understandings of security and justice through restorative justice approaches in intercultural settings within democratic societies

Under which conditions do people feel safe and secure? What do people consider as just and fair? How can restorative justice approaches contribute to people’s feelings and experiences of safety and justice?
P1170280The European action research project ‘ALTERNATIVE’ attempts to answer these questions by involving seven partners in six different European countries carrying out three theoretical and four action research on the concepts of security, justice, interculturality, conflict interventions and the way restorative justice can positively contribute to current socio-cultural challenges in our societies.

This page includes information on:

  • the filming and action research
  • this online platform
  • the partners in this project


Filming and the action research

Micro-macro pijlenDuring the action research of the ALTERNATIVE project, participatory film making was used as one of the methods to gather data for the research, but also for involving local communities in the project, collecting the personal stories of their residents, sharing knowledge about current issues and conflicts, and encouraging communication between them.

The action research of the ALTERNATIVE project involved local people affected by different types of conflicts in intercultural settings in four countries:

  • Austria: Relationships between different ethnic groups in a large housing estate in Vienna
  • Hungary: Relationships between Roma people and others in a rural village
  • Northern Ireland: Relationships between Protestant/Unionist/Loyalist people and Catholic/Nationalist/Republican people, hate crime against recent immigrants, violence related to drug dealing
  • Serbia: Relationships between members of different ethnic groups in the context of a post-conflict society

This online platform

This online platform includes a series of films directed by some of the partners in the ALTERNATIVE project. Films have been created by the researchers working in the field, and not by professional filmmakers. Researchers attended two trainings at the KU Leuven Institute of Media and Learning (LIMEL) to learn the basic skills for filming, editing, directing and flyersproducing their local movies. It has been a challenging and hard work, but finally researchers have been able to produce one or more films showing the realities of the communities they worked in and the activities they conducted in the field during the four years of the ALTERNATIVE project.

This online platform includes:

  • the trailer and film produced by the project coordinators, the KU Leuven Institute of Criminology (KU LINC, Belgium)
  • four trailers and one (or more) films produced by the four partners conducting the action research in the fields (IRKS in Austria, Foresee in Hungary, VDS in Serbia, University of Ulster in Northern Ireland)
  • interviews and extra materials collected during the ALTERNATIVE project
  • the e-books realised during the ALTERNATIVE project (forthcoming)
  • contact details and films to ‘get to know the teams’

Logo's (1)The partners

The ALTERNATIVE project has been run by seven partners from six European countries, namely:

  • KU Leuven Institute of Criminology (KU Leuven LINC), Belgium
  • Norwegian Social Research Institute (NOVA), Norway
  • European Forum for Restorative Justice (EFRJ), Belgium
  • Institut für Rechts- und Kriminalsoziologie (IRKS), Austria
  • Foresee Research Group, Hungary
  • Victimology Society of Serbia (VDS), Serbia
  • University of Ulster, Northern Ireland


Click HERE to get to know the teams working for each partner organisation in this project, and click HERE to find out how to contact us.